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Captain Jack Turtle – brewed at BCT Brewing Project

Captain Jack Turtle, by BCT Brewing Project.
Captain Jack Turtle, by BCT Brewing Project.

A specialty Russian Imperial Stout with two kinds of cocoa, vanilla, and cinnamon - all over your face. A kick butt RIS with the characters of Champurrado (Mexican hot chocolate). 10% ABV to warm your winter toes, and lightly carbonated so the big flavors shine.

When first poured and cold, the roast from the malts, peppery spice from the hops, and cinnamon shine - starts nicely bracing. When it warms the cocoa and malt sweetness step forward, and the vanilla softens the flavors and characters to be much like Mexican hot chocolate - finishes big and comforting..

The Story:
Thinking about brewing a holiday release, and noodling around different ideas. My friends at Pirate Brew GmbH in Berlin started kicking around ideas with me. We decided to do a collaboration of sorts. We developed a concept for the beer. I designed the beer. We both brew the same recipe on different continents.

The Numbers:
Estimated ABV: 10%
Calculated IBU: 70
Color in SRM: 53


In August of 2016 we poured the last glass of BCT Brewing Project beer. Though the BCT Brewing Project is no longer a thing, we designed all of the beers, and we still design award winning beer for craft breweries internationally.