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Café Olé – brewed at Cerveses Spigha

Café Olé by Cerveza Spigha
Café Olé by Cerveza Spigha.

A rich Porter brewed with a blend of Spanish coffees, including Torrefacto roasted beans. A smooth and chocolaty Porter base beer is tuned to artfully deliver the depth and smooth complexity of Spanish coffee.

Café Olé was first brewed in June of 2014. It is brewed at Cerveses Spigha. The brewery is in the small mountain town of Alcoi about 30 miles from the west/central coast of Spain. The region is known for a coffee liquor officially named "Aperitivo Café de Alcoy".

Pau and Toni, of Spigha, and I were considering different ideas using local fruits or herbs, messaging back and forth over a few days. One morning I was grinding my favorite blend of coffee beans and I realized that the answer to what kind of beer would best represent Spigha and Alcoi was right in front of my face - literally. Present the extraordinary character of Spanish coffee with a rich Porter as the base beer.

A measure of Torrefacto roast coffee is blended with Arabica coffee from a local producer of Café Licor. Torrefacto is a special roasting process wherein sugar is added during the roast and caramelized to a dark glaze on the beans. The Porter is tuned to be a vehicle to deliver as much coffee character as possible while still being a beer. English base malts, German caramel and chocolate wheat malts, Spanish brown sugar, and English hops and yeast build the rich Porter. The coffee is layered in – both in the kettle, and in the bright tank for a brief period of time just before bottling. It is bottled with a small amount of sugar for restrained carbonation typical of English styles.

Torrefacto Arabica blend for Café Olé
Torrefacto Arabica blend for Café Olé.

Café Olé is all about Spanish coffee supported by a complimentary beer backbone.

I must say I was very pleased by the test batch I made for this beer. Then I tried the beer that Pau, Head Brewer at Spigha, made using the recipe. He's brewing it better than I did. If you like good coffee and good Porter - you're going to love this beer.


Preparing grains for Café Olé
Preparing grains at Spigha for Café Olé.
Pau mashes in
Pau mashes in
Steeping the black grains
Steeping the black grains.
Ground coffee beans in the kettle
Ground coffee beans in the kettle.
First batch of Café Olé in the fermentor
First batch of Café Olé in the fermentor.
Café Olé finished and poured
Café Olé finished and poured