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Beers Released

There's a few terms for what we do. Most familiar is "Gypsy Brewer"; then there's "Beer Architect", "Collaboration Brewer", and so forth. Probably the best term for us is "Specialty Beer Designer". We help craft breweries create recipes for unique specialty beers.

The beers are brewed, bottled, packaged and distributed by established craft breweries. The decisions regarding beer names, labels, branding, and markets are left to the brewery. That's why the pages here are about how a concept for the beer was developed, what goes into the beer, and impressions of what (we hope) you'll experience when you drink the beer.

It's a story, not a sales pitch. The sales pitch - if there is one - will be on the website of the breweries that make the beers. So, it's story time. Enjoy...


Many pilot and test batches.
Many pilot and test batches.