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Beer Bucket List – Brasserie Fantôme Et al

Ghost in the Kettle. A Beancurdturtle Fantôme collaboration.
Ghost Turtle. A Beancurdturtle Brasserie Fantôme collaboration.

I’m drinking the pictured beer and thinking…

For fans of classic Saison, what would be a super cool thing to do? How about going to BFE Belgium and spending a day with Dany Prignon, the brewer owner at Brasserie Fantôme? Yeah, cool! Bonus points? Dany is a genuine, slightly eccentric, totally enjoyable dude to have as a friend.

Ok then, what would be even better?

How about having the opportunity a couple years later to collaborate on a beer with Dany, then go to Belgium at the turning of the new year to 2017 in the freezing cold winter to brew the beer with him? That would be Ghost Turtle. Seriously! Collaborate and brew a beer with the undisputed Mad Scientist of Belgian Super Saisons? What a lucky effing Saison loving MFer am I?

No… Really…
But wait!
There’s more!

How about a year later designing a specialty Saison that is brewed at Brasserie Fantôme, Brasserie Saint Somewhere, and Barley Forge Brewing Co.? The “Fantôme of the USA”, the “Saint Somewhere of Europe”, and a favored local (to me) brewer of classic Saison – all three brewing a beer I designed? That would be Ghost in the Kettle. Yeah… Holy Crap! How did I manage that?

Umm… I haven’t a fricken clue.

But, I can unequivocally assert that this Ghost Turtle I am enjoying tonight – and the Ghost in the Kettle already released by Barley Forge, and within a few months released by Fantôme and Saint Somewhere – are all fine beers.

And me? I’m a guy who makes some beers. The lucky MFer who gets to bring a long-time admired brewer and now friend, together with some newfound brewer friends to make some good beers.

The bucket keeps getting bigger, and more full.

À votre santé!