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What’s coming up at Beancurdturtle Brewing

Some liquid goodness from Beancurdturtle Brewing LLC
Some liquid goodness from Beancurdturtle Brewing LLC

Allrighty. In the lineup for pilot/test beers to brew in the next month or two.

First will be a Belgo-American Double India Witte. It's basically a White IPA that I've made before, but I'll incorporate Belgian elements, and use a hop schedule like a New England IPA. I already have the ingredients, so I'll do it. This beer is not hazy by design, but hazy by the expression of its ingredients.

Next will be a Grisette. This is a (currently) very misunderstood beer style that was brewed in Belgium mostly during the 19th century, when the industrial revolution was booming. It was the hydration beer for miners. Quite possibly the first beer produced in an industrial versus farmhouse/Abbey way in Belgium. It should be light and crisp, and cleanly fermented without lactobacillus or wild yeasts. A light ale with Belgian barley and wheat malts, French and Czech hops, and a slightly spicy yeast of Belgian origin.

Then I'll brew a Scottish 60 Shilling Ale. Classically a dry and crisp beer with toasty/caramel characters and a light garnet color. Hops from England for balance only, and fermented with yeast strains from Scotland that lend a hint of smokey notes to the aromas and flavors.

Later I'll brew a Patersbier (Father's beer). Traditionally a low alcohol beer that Abbey breweries made for hydration for the monks. It will be light in color, body, and alcohol. Yet it will be rich in balanced character from Belgian grains and the house yeast from a Trappist brewery.

All three of the last beers have ABV targeted between 2.5% and 3%, will have very low residual sugars, and will be eminently crushable.