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A Wee Keg of The Dub for Home

A wee keg of The Dub, by BCT Brewing Project.
A wee keg of The Dub, by BCT Brewing Project.

Did I say I'm not a big fan of most pumpkin Holiday beer? I mean, it's Ok if you like them - everyone has their thing. But I've only found a few that I like. But then what do you do if you're not a fan of pumpkin beer, but you want a good holiday beverage?

Well, there's a few holiday seasonals that I do like, and there's a few all year beers that fit the theme as well. The Dub for example is not brewed as a holiday beer, but it fits the need. It's a rich, American tilted version of the Belgian Dubbel style with aromas and flavors like brown bread, caramel, a bit of cocoa, molasses, dried dark fruit, and subtle spiciness. It's a comfortable quaff any time, and it'll do for damn sure during the holidays.

I kegged a batch up last night. It will be on draft on Friday to kick off the Halloween weekend. And I couldn't resist packaging up a 2.5 gallon keg to take home. I like it. You're going to like it. Come on down on Friday and for the next several weeks to get you some.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

In August of 2016 we poured the last glass of BCT Brewing Project beer. Though the BCT Brewing Project is no longer a thing, we designed all of the beers, and we still design award winning beer for craft breweries internationally.