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The Shizzle will collide with the Schnizzle

BCT Brewing Project, Double White IPA.
BCT Brewing Project, Double White IPA.

Double White IPA is scheduled to be tapped at 2:00pm on Saturday the 1st of August, 2015. Yes, the first commercial release of a beer 100% conceived and brewed by BCT Brewing Project, and lovingly nurtured to be nursed from a tap, will be ready.

Typical of the first batch of anything brewed on unfamiliar equipment there were a few challenges. But, achieving 9% ABV (probably a little more), wasn't one of them. Here's some fancy numbers, it started at 19.2 Brix, and it will finish at about 7.9 Brix - which in simple English means, this beer will kick your behind halfway to next Tuesday.

It's a little sweeter than I targeted in my head, but it finished lower in measured residual sugars than I anticipated. It tastes lovely, and after the dry hops take hold it should be nothing less than terrific. Oh yeah, that's right - I went by to dump in the dry hops tonight. So I took a sample to check ABV, and to have a preview taste.

So, you want a pour? One of the first pours? Of course you do. Come by the tasting room at about 2:00pm on Saturday, I'll be finishing up a brew day and ready to toast the birth of this little slice of brewery.

I'm a bit excited!!!