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The Die is Cast

Beancurdturtle Brewing as BCT Brewing Project.

So, this is the first post related to our BCT Brewing Project. Why this particular figure of speech "The die is cast."?

Well, basically because the BCT Brewing Project is a crossing of the Rubicon (another figure of speech). Up until now, the commercial releases crafted by Beancurdturtle Brewing LLC have been Gypsy brewed at breweries in Europe, or recipe handoffs to other breweries. You craft a recipe, brew the first big batch and watch it go to the fermenter, then walk away and wait for a bottle to arrive.

The BCT Brewing Project is an opportunity for me to take control of the whole process – from milling the grain to packaging the beer. The whole kit and caboodle. The full Monty. The up and down of it. The donkey, the monkey, and the big banana. So to speak.


In August of 2016 we poured the last glass of BCT Brewing Project beer. Though the BCT Brewing Project is no longer a thing, we designed all of the beers, and we still design award winning beer for craft breweries internationally.