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Here's the deal about this White Juniper IPA, or whatever you want to call it. The label says "Pine and Resin forward American White Ale with Juniper Berries and Floral Aromatics". I like the pilot batch - quite a bit actually. But I keep checking, and double checking. Sharing with my beer savvy friends and checking. And checking again.

You may ask "why?". And I don't blame you for asking. So, here's why. I am crafting this beer for Cerveses La Gardènia, one of the most successful craft breweries in Spain. More importantly, I am crafting this beer for Ramon, the head brewer. So why is that a big deal?

When I walked in to Ramon's "office" (brewers don't really have offices, they have spaces where they keep themselves and stuff when they are not brewing) in late 2013, I saw things on shelves in jars. Buddha hand in neutral spirits, bitter herb concoctions, and unidentifiable things... like an Alchemist's den. And I thought – I would like to make a special beer with this guy.

Long story short. We are making a special beer. And I tasted the test batch once again tonight – and it is, without a doubt, a special beer. Tomorrow I will serve the pilot batch to a crazy mixed group – and finally tweak the recipe to hand off to Ramon at Cerveses La Gardènia.

It will astonish, it will astound, it will test the limits of beeriness while still being a beer – that's what Beancurdturtle Brewing is mostly about. If beer could be an extraordinary Gin, or Gin could be an extraordinary beer – this would be it. And it looks pretty tasty too...


The test batch for a White Juniper IPA
The test batch for a White Juniper IPA.



News regarding the red wine barrel aged Robust Porter brewed in collaboration with Mateo & Bernabé & Friends.

Someone - who will remain anonymous for reasons that will become obvious - sent me a text message to tell me they were going to open the first bottle of 29 Daniel to be opened in the USA, and would give me their quick impressions. This someone knows beer and has a great palate, so I was excited to get the feedback.

Note: If you are offended by "colorful" language, I recommend you stop reading this right now and find some charming cat pictures instead.

Here's the transcript of the text message conversation, straight up:

Anon: *sends photos*

29 Daniel collaboration with Mateo & Bernabé. Front Label
29 Daniel collaboration with Mateo & Bernabé. Front Label
29 Daniel collaboration with Mateo & Bernabé. Back Label
29 Daniel collaboration with Mateo & Bernabé. Back Label

Anon: 1st official tasting in about 30 mins

BCT: Sweet

Anon: *sends photo*

29 Daniel, first pour in the USA.
29 Daniel, first pour in the USA.

BCT: nice

A few minutes passed, then...
Anon: holy fucking shit balls

BCT: Is that your official verdict?

Anon: jesus crap on a stick
this beer is the best thing you’ve even done
best fucking ever fucking great

BCT: haha
I've never had Jesus crap on a stick. But I'll take your word for it.

Then a cooler head and less colorful descriptors followed...
Anon: its a lovely beer
a little funky
wood tannins


Anon: its creamy almost luscious

BCT:That's what she said

Anon: wonderful
PERSISTENT rocky head
beautifully tart
perfect spritzy carbonation
dark fruits
like prunes and dried dates

BCT: Like a Flanders red?

Anon: a little cacao
and dark rasin bread
yes, much like a lightly tart flanders red
truly, this is as good as beer can get
my socks are officially knocked off

BCT: Wow!
Very nice to hear.

Anon: is this on untapped?

BCT: Yes

Anon: i am NOT kidding about how good this is
not even a little

BCT: 🙂

Anon: with as little bias as i can have/being as objective about reviewing it as possible, i can honestly say it could not be better

BCT: :))

So I'm reasonably sure that "someone" liked the beer. Which means, I'll be happy with it too.

It's expected to be ready for very limited distribution in the USA late December 2014. The importer is Sublime Imports, and the California distributor is Lime Ventures. If you are in California you can ask your bottle shop to call in to Lime Ventures and request it.