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Valencia Saison
Valencia Saison

A keg of Valencia Saison will be on tap today at 4:00pm at Out Of The Park Pizza. But just in case you can't be there, here's the ingredients so you can make it yourself.

• Pilsner
• Wheat Malt
• Vienna
• Aromatic

• Saaz
• Hallertauer
• Pacific Gem
• Chinook
• Tettnang

Spice and Adjuncts:
• Orange Peel Blend
• Rose Hips
• Orange Blossom Honey




Well, not really. But maybe a celebration for the first keg tapped in California. Unless Bar Mikkeller in San Francisco is first. Rumor is, they have a couple kegs in their deep queue. And The Brew House in San Juan Capistrano has a keg too. But I'm willing to bet that the first keg tapped will be at Out of the Park Pizza.

So bottles of Valencia Saison were already released and sold out in Southern California. And you may not have had a chance to try it. Well, fear not my intrepid wanna-be Valencianos. A flood (a 30 liter flood) of Valencia Saison will be tapped at Out of the Park Pizza on Thursday, September 18th.

Out of the Park Pizza
5638 E La Palma Ave
Anaheim, CA 92807

Date and Time:
September 18th, 2014
OotPP opens at 4:00pm

Here's the deal. Dan, one of the partners at OotPP, is a huge supporter. He brought in a 30 liter keg of Valencia Saison. It will be tapped and ready to pour when they open the doors. So sure, be there for the beer. But there's even more incentive to be there.

Dan is great in the kitchen so you won't find a better American style pizza in "The OC". He manages (to do it right you have to put effort into it) one of the best stocked wall of taps you'll find in Orange County. And he's a homebrewer who I once collaborated with to make a really nice IPA level hopped Imperial Witbier.

Why do you need to know all this about Dan? Well, you don't really. But don't you want to come to Out of the Park Pizza even more now?

Be there or be thirsty,



OK, so I'm 96.8% sure about this...
Remember the Robust Porter with a Spanish coffee blend - Torrefacto and "natural" roast - I brewed at Cerveza Artesana Spigha? Well, Sublime Imports was in Alcoy, Spain 10 days after the first batch was bottled and had a taste. They pretty much agreed with Pau's, head brewer at Cerveza Artesana Spigha, assessment of the beer. Basically - it's really dang good.

So, they pushed hard to get some imported to the USA. That means, we should see this beer, named Café Olé, on shelves in the USA in the Autumn.