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Blame the Art Department

I craft recipes for extraordinary beers. No foolin' - extraordinary. Then I brew a pilot batch, you know, just to prove them out. BCT BFU is a recipe for lots of black malts (roast) and lots of dank hops, cradled in an Oatmeal Stout backbone for balance. And it works - very well.

In a small operation like Beancurdturtle Brewing, everyone (that would be me) has many functions. Brewing, bottling, corresponding with Craft Brewery collaborators, labeling...

Right... Labeling. In this photo you can't see the witty description "Roasty as hell, bitter as a bad breakup, cradled in dark malts and lucious mouthfeel."

The Art Department misspelled "luscious". I'd fire them all, but it's me. *sigh*


BCT BFU, by Beancurdturtle Brewing
BCT BFU, by Beancurdturtle Brewing