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Valencia Saison Label – Here’s what to look for

Still looking at 6 to 8 weeks before it's on your bottle shop's shelf. However...

...below is a proof for the label for the first release of Valencia Saison. Some of the details will be tweaked before printing - like ABV, SRM, IBU, and OG - but it's pretty much complete.

This rather jazzy die cut label will be wrapped lovingly around 33cl (11.2 oz) bottles, in 12 bottle cases. The bottles will be parked in the import section of your favorite bottle shop - assuming you encourage the shop to get a case or more.

If you are actually thirsty enough to pick up a keg, the proof for the keg label is also below for your viewing pleasure.


Valencia Saison Bottle Label Proof
Valencia Saison Bottle Label Proof.
Valencia Saison Keg Label Proof
Valencia Saison Keg Label Proof.