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News about the Coffee Porter collaboration with Spigha Cervesa.

Spigha Coffee Porter
Spigha Coffee Porter.

Look! It's an article in the online version of El Mundo, the second largest newspaper in Spain. A pinch of embellishment, a blush of hyperbole, a large measure of excitement - I can appreciate it.

They like the beer. What can I say? Here's the link: http://www.elmundo.es/comunidad-valenciana/2014/10/25/544b6af922601dc8098b456e.html




Four what? Well, the fourth commercially released Collaboration/Gypsy brewed beer by Beancurdturtle Brewing and one partner brewery or another.

To follow up on the post about a double batch collaboration brewday at Mateo & Bernabé & Friends. We brewed both an American style Double IPA and a White IPA.

Mateo & Bernabé has a line of beers they branded "Parking Beers". Now I've had the reason for the brand explained to me a couple times, but it gets lost in translation - like a play on words or something. Nevertheless, it's where they do their experimental and small batch beers. They can move the popular ones into permanent production. My last two collaborations with them are now Parking Beers.

• Parking Beer C Pelícano, is the White IPA. By my calculations this should be a big 7.1% ABV, hoppy 42 IBU, American styled White IPA. I'm actually scaling this one down and brewing it on the pilot system this weekend.
• Parking Beer C Murciélago, is the Double IPA. This is an American west coast styled DIPA approachig 10% ABV, and 100 IBUs. This is a very aggressive beer for the Spanish Market, but I think it will be a real eye opener for many hop fans in Spain.

These first batches are slated for European distribution only. We may see some imported to the USA if they catch a wave of popularity and sell well in Spain. Let's hope they do.

Photos follow...


Parking Beer C Murciélago Double IPA
Parking Beer C Murciélago Double IPA. A collaboration beer from Beancurdturtle Brewing and Mateo & Bernabé & Friends.
. A collaboration beer from Beancurdturtle Brewing and Mateo & Bernabé & Friends
Parking Beer C Pelícano White IPA. A collaboration beer from Beancurdturtle Brewing and Mateo & Bernabé & Friends.